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Forum to general anuncements and general questions like:
• ¿Where can I find...?• ¿Anyone known how...?• Searching quote...
• x receive initiation• x just born-left his body• Etc.
• Upcoming Festivals• Buy-Sell• Etc.

Festival reviews is required to be posted in News and Passtimes.

We ask you to place your messages on the correspondant thread or begin a new thread clicking in the link into the last row.

We have the right to reubicate the messages not published in the correct thread or forum.

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Narashumha Nama Yagna for ukranian devoteesWeb Servant05-31-14  10:35 pm
The all new Krishna-Cards (tm) serviceWeb Servant09-18-09  09:39 pm
Worldwide yatrasWeb Servant14 12-01-06  05:23 am
Please pray for HH Radhanath MaharajaWeb Servant11-29-06  01:04 am
Gita Jayanti (Appearance of Sri Bhagavad-gita)Devoto11-28-06  02:38 am
Krishna KarinaWeb Servant11-19-06  09:09 pm
Job/services sectionWeb Servant08-22-09  06:14 pm
Ratha-yatrasWeb Servant16 16 10-19-14  09:42 am
Publication/websites announcementsWeb Servant15 16 08-15-17  07:18 pm
Buy - sellWeb Servant01-25-07  06:43 pm
Vyasa-pujasSyama Mohini dd 05-12-07  12:03 am
Trascendental visitsWeb Servant10-04-06  07:31 pm
Free ezine The Spiritual ScientistDevoto09-29-06  07:48 am
Other festivalsDevoto14 15 12-26-06  06:09 pm
To all of you who are (or have been) part of ISKCON BeneluxDevoto07-15-06  06:59 pm
Devotee in Running for Eighth Circuit ( Court ) JudgeWeb Servant07-06-06  02:24 am
Vote for moscow temple!Devoto07-04-06  05:27 am
Curses and conferencesDevoto04-13-07  11:27 pm
Sankirtan 06-24-06  07:51 pm
Searching for...Devoto12-07-07  09:48 pm
Temple addresses 06-24-06  07:20 pm
Help In a Time of NeedDevoto06-13-06  07:28 am
Announcements from the GBCWeb Servant05-05-06  08:10 pm
2005 21 20 01-05-06  10:33 pm
2004 47 39 01-01-05  06:45 pm
2003 51 44 04-21-04  12:41 pm
2002Old histories archiv17 14 01-28-03  09:09 pm
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