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Help In a Time of Need
by Sacisuta das & Pandava vijaya das

Posted June 12, 2006

Haribol dear brothers and sisters...

You may or may not know who JayaSacinandana das is. He was initiated by Prithu das. He is 35 and was diagnosed with leukemia. He suffered from the illness for years while living a simple life as a bramachari and doing a lot of selfless service in India, USA, South America and Serbia. He never had the time and money to research his disease until he returned to Belgrade (Serbia).

There, he went to the hospital and received an extensive check-up of his condition. Unfortunately, the diagnosis was chronic leukemia. It is a sort of slow leukemia that can last up to 30 years before becoming fatal. He is extremely weak right now and is planning to go to India to seek treatments and either get better or leave his body.

I've known him for few years and have always respected him for what he was as a devotee and as a person. I know many devotees would say, "If he leaves his body Krishna has a plan for him" but I am still asking Krishna right now not to take him yet and to bless him with recovery so he can go on with devotional service (yes, in spite of his current condition he is truly still doing it "FULL-TIME").

His is a kind human being who has no title or high position within ISKCON that would guarantee him financial help. He only has us and he really needs our help. Both Prithu Prabhu and Bir Krsna Goswami are supporting this initiative and can vouch for it if needed.

I have already sent him a donation and it would be kind if you could help too. The easiest way is to send money through WESTERN UNION. Please send it to:
Sasa Petrovic
Filipa Filipovica 55 A (Sazonova)
11000 Beograd
Serbia and Montenegro
After lakshmi is sent please e-mail to jayasacinandana@hotmail.com the reference number and info about amount.

You can register with Western Union on line and electronically send money or you can go to the nearest location and send cash in person. https://westernunion.com/

Thank you for any help that you can provide.

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