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Dear devotees,
Hare Krishna.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
All glories to Srila Acaryadeva.

It has been a very long time since I have personally read anything on this Istaghosti and this is the first time that I have ever written. My name is Krsnapriya devi dasi and I am the Temple President in Hillsborough, North Carolina at New Goloka Dhama or as Srila Acaryadeva calls it the cow planet. I took initiation from Acaryadeva in 1978 in Miami, Florida. Last July when Acaryadeva had visited here I was thinking how important it was to write and to share with the other disciples all of the wonderful experiences but I became involved in my services and time passed. So now it has been one week since I have returned from my visit to California so while things are still fresh I would like to share with you some of the wonderful experiences that I have had in his association.

In the end of June of 2002 Srila Acaryadeva had visited here after a long tour of traveling across the country. At that time I could see that he was physically exhausted. While he was here he had visited the devotees in Greensboro where we have a restaurant and had many darshans with the local devotees. Then he had traveled to Richmond Virginia for the opening of the preaching center there where Syama dasi is attending graduate school. Then he has flown back out to California in July and then rented a house in Ojai in August. During that time I would speak to him on the phone and I could see that this was a very helpful time for him to be able to recuperate his health and strength. He had no servant with him and was doing all of his own cooking and cleaning. Often you read of Brahmins that would only eat their own cooking and this is actually very healthy. Of course what ever he does he does expertly and efficiently. There were many nice places to walk there and he would often tell me of taking long japa walks along the trails. He also was able to work on his writing project of presenting a novel that will appeal to the mainstream of America. During that time different Vaisnavas also came to visit him. When I would speak to him I could see how important it was to practice our devotional service in the mode of goodness. Although he was living alone he was having Mangala Arotik every day (one and a half hours before sunrise) and feeling very happy. In the evening he would have Gurupuja. He also began to exercise seriously and this helped him to regain his physical strength. This is an important example for us that we take proper care of this body that Lord Krsna has given us. As many of you know for so many years Srila Acaryadeva traveled around the world opening up many centers and spreading Krsna consciousness. As early as 1977 he actually collapsed from exhaustion and had to return from Brazil to Gainesville Florida to recuperate. In the early 80's it was found that he had a heart problem and had to stay in Gainesville also to recuperate. Then he again became very active. Over the last few years we began to see that there was a pattern where he would travel and preach for six months and then it would take another six months to recuperate. Because of this health problem he began to stop all international travel two years ago. Unfortunately not understanding the circumstances some disciples became confused why he wasn't visiting any more. He also began to limit his flying from place to place and has desired that his disciples could come and visit him at different times. Many devotees arrange to go to India at different times and this going to see the spiritual master is a very ancient practice. Actually it is very nice to visit Srila Acaryadeva in his own environment and to be able to have his personal association. During the time in Ojai he also began to meditate more and more on his desire to present Krsna consciousness to the people of America in a way that is relevant. He had invested money in fixing up one of the buildings at the Atlanta Temple for Srila Prabhupada and Yogi Tony was organizing this work. At this time Srila Acaryadeva began thinking how he would like to bring Krsna consciousness to areas of the country which have been overlooked by devotees for years.

I am giving some history before I speak of my visit because it all fits together. I arrived in Los Angeles on Jan. 10th with Syama dasi. There were some other devotees also visiting from North Carolina. This was the first time that I had been in Acaryadeva's house in Beverly Hills. On our first evening we went on a long japa walk and Srila Acaryadeva showed us the area which is full of beautiful houses and many fragrant flowers. I was very happy to see him so jolly and in good health. His six months of retreat had been very beneficial. He had just moved back on Dec. 31 and already many devotees in the area were coming to visit. In the evening we had readings from the Bhagavad-Gita. Syama dasi is working on a Phd in psychology so Acaryadeva also asked her different questions in her related field. He spoke about how we have to actually be very careful when we are in a position of leadership that we don't hurt those that are working under us. He also spoke a lot about how when the movement first started there were no elders and so all devotees and leaders were just young boys and girls and so naturally there wasn't always the same soberness that you find today.

Srila Acaryadeva has been rising very early in the morning by 2.30 a.m. to begin chanting his rounds before Mangala Arotik. I also noticed how he was always very attentive to chant his Gayatri's on the exact time. This is a wonderful example. We would have a quiet Mangala Arotik because of the people living on the top apt. but he was always the most enthusiastic. I could really see how real devotional service is spontaneously coming from the heart and full of enthusiasm. Srila Acaryadeva is always in a very youthful spirit. It is very simple now days to cook because basically in the morning he takes some fresh juice and a little fruit, puffed cereal and buttermilk. His lunches are also very simple and healthy. We went on long walks in the Santa Monica mountains and it was very nice to be able to visit the different areas where Srila Acaryadeva lived as a young boy. I must admit that I laughed so much in his association. Acaryadeva's brilliant play on words keeps one sharp.

Many of our talks were on the importance of being relevant and presenting Krsna consciousness to the people in an attractive way. It is very important to be able to see ourselves as others see us and to not be ritualistic in our approach but to actually give people this wonderful science of spiritual knowledge that Srila Prabhupada has given us.

We also spoke of the different changes that took place in ISKCON and how this affected the role of the Guru and disciple. I think when we are young in devotional service it is very easy to actually not see the spiritual master actually as a real person but in relationship to ourselves. So often you hear devotees speak about what they went through but there is the other side of the coin of what it is like to be a spiritual master. It was very amazing to see how introspective Srila Acaryadeva is about his own devotional service. By his association I can see how he is always pushing us to use our intelligence and to understand what is essential.

On Sunday Jan. 12th we went with a group of devotees from the L.A. temple on a picnic in a local park. We climbed to the top of the mountain. Of course Acaryadeva was in the lead. Then we returned to the park for a nice lunch. Acaryadeva then gave dasrshan to the devotees again speaking about Deity worship and understanding what is essential and what is personal preference. All the devotees were very happy to be in his association and we were invited to take lunch that Weds. with the devotees. Armarendra and his son Param, who is doing nice preaching on the west coast came to visit. It was very wonderful to see Armarendra and Acaryadeva associate. They have known each other for over thirty years. We spoke about the early days of Krsna consciousness in Gainesville.

Somehow or other after a long afternoon hike that night we went for a very long japa walk through Beverly Woods where Srila Acaryadeva had grown up. You really could see how the time factor acted on all of us. We passed his elementary school and places where his friends had lived and went to a park where he had played sports when he was eight years old. It was an amazing experience. He quoted Prabhupada speaking about where are all of my friends and relatives now? And then he spoke of Vrindavan and sang the song Hari that he had written many years ago about boys and girls playing in Vrindavan. He was showing us just how temporary is this life of friends etc. and where is our real home. I was amazed by how kind he was to take the time to bring us to all of these different places and to allow us to have his association. He is very much in the mood of caring for all of the devotees.

Last year I remember that there was some concern on the part of different disciples that he wasn't chanting his rounds because he wasn't using beads. He has carpal tunnel syndrome. I was thinking how strange this was because on my visit with him we always seemed to be walking and chanting extra rounds. That night we also spoke again about how when he joined the movement he moved in the temple, stopped school and just preached very heavy to his family. He was saying how if there had been elders then to advise him he probably would have handled things in a different way. That night on the way home he was happily singing the Guru Puja prayers.

Monday was Ekadesee and Srila Acaryadeva woke very early. That day a god brother came to visit to get some advise on a project he was working on. We cooked a large feast. On Tuesday Girihari from Brazil came and showed Srila Acaradeva some of the books he has just printed in Brazil. Then that night of on of his God brothers came by and spoke about strategic changes in ISKCON.

Many devotees were coming to visit since Srila Acaryadeva had just returned to Los Angeles. Then on Weds. He brought us to all the different places where Srila Prabhupada used to walk when he was in Los Angeles. We took a very nice lunch at one of the devotees houses at the temple and Srila Acaryadeva visited with his God Brothers and showed us around. It was a very happy time for all and so nice to meditate on Srila Acaryadva and his association with Srila Prabhupada in Los Angeles. He was remembering how he used to ride with Srila Prabhupada and take him on his morning walks.

At night in the Bhagavad-Gita class we spoke about natures. Krsna speaks how everyone will act according to his own nature and Srila Acaryadeva was saying how we must act according to our own nature in Krsna consciousness otherwise we will be forced by our nature to act but it will be out of control. Therefore it is important for us to recognize our nature and to engage in Krishna's service otherwise our nature will force us to act in some unfavorable way. He was saying how when we first join Krsna consciousness it is like the boot camp but then we must see what it a persons nature and engage them accordingly.

All during this visit at different times Srila Acaryadeva would be playing the piano () and creating a very peaceful atmosphere. Also he was looking at maps like a general and planning how to spread Krsna consciousness from different cities in the Midwest. This brought up the topic of natures. It is definitely his nature to plan how to spread Krsna consciousness from one city to another to help the innocent people. His idea is to send different devotees ahead to meet people and lecture and then he would come. Tony who teaches Yoga is interested in helping and Syama dasi who lectures on spirituality at her university was also interested in helping to organize.

On Thursday the last day of our visit we went to the Temple at six to see Srila Prabhupada's quarters. Srila Acaryadeva showed us where he has spoken to Srila Prabhupada with his mother and how she has been transformed by his association. That morning he gave a brilliant class at the temple which is broadcasted over the internet live. Srila Acaryadeva very expertly gave the definitions of the word for word and a different understanding of the verse. I am going to listen to the tape and write another letter with some of the important points. It was very nice to see Srila Acaryadeva associate with his god brothers. Then we had breakfast and were getting ready to leave when Syama dasi sprained her ankle. Acaryadeva was very concerned and immediately got help. I was seeing how he is always so concerned with the devotees. I feel very fortunate to have had this time with Srila Acaryadeva. It was certainly very helpful for me to leave behind my managerial duties and be inspired by his enthusiasm and brilliance. During this visit I also was thinking it was important for the devotees to also understand of his long term health problem of exhaustion. It seems that he has suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome over the years which would cause him to become very exhausted after traveling and need to rest for half of the year. For this reason and his long term service he is now restricting his traveling and will try to limit his preaching field to areas that he can travel to by car. Now that he has not traveled for over six months we can see how improved his health and strength are. He has been working on this wonderful novel and we pray that Krsna will allow him to finish it soon for we are certain this this will be a real breakthrough for preaching Krsna consciousness in America.

Your servant,
Krsnapriya dd

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Estimados devotos,
Hare Krishna.
Todas las glorias a Srila Prabhupada.
Todas las glorias a Srila Acaryadeva.

Hace tiempo que estoy leyendo el material en este istaghosti publicado, y esta es la primera vez que escribo en él. Mi nombre es Krsnapriya devi dasi y soy la presidente de Templo en Hillsborough, Carolina del Norte en Nueva Goloka Dhama o como Srila Acaryadeva la llama: "el planeta de las vacas".

Tomé iniciación de Acaryadeva en 1978 en Miami, Florida. Y este último Julio, cuando Acaryadeva nos visitó, pensé cuan importante era el hecho de escribir y compartir con otros disípulos todas las experiencias maravillosas, pero quedé atorada en mis servicios y el tiempo pasó. Hace una de semana ahora, que he vuelto de mi visita a California, y desearía compartir estas frescas noticias con ustedes, algunas de las experiencias maravillosas que he tenido en su asociación.

A fines de Junio de 2002 Srila Acaryadeva había visitado aquí después de un largo recorrido de viaje a través de el país. Pude observar que él estaba fisicamente agotado. Durante su estadía, visitó los devotos en Greensboro donde tenemos un restaurante y brindó muchos darshans en el local de los devotos.

Luego, viajó a Richmond Virginia para la apertura de un centro de prédica donde Syama dasi asiste la escuela de graduados. Mas adelante voló fuera de California en Julio y alquiló una casa en Ojai en agosto. Durante ese tiempo pude hablar con él por telefono y comprobar sentir, que era un tiempo vital para él para recuperar su salud y fortaleza fisica. El no tenia sirviente y se cocinaba sus propios alimentos y su propia limpieza de ropa, etc. Hemos leÌdo acerca de brahmanas que comen unicamente lo cocinado por ellos mismos, y que es muy saludable. Por supuesto que SA lo hace expertamente y eficientemente. Habia muchos lugares bonitos para caminar alli y gustaba frecuentemente de largas caminatas de escritura sobre presentar una novela que impacte e interese en america. Durante ese tiempo, diferentes Vaisnavas lo visitaron. Al hablar con El pude meditar en cuan importante es hacer servicio en la modalidad de la bondad. Aunque él vivió solo, realizaba Mangala Arotik todos los días (una hora y media antes del alba) sintiéndose muy feliz. Por la noche ejecutaba Gurupuja. Comenzó a hacer ejercicios seriamente y esto lo ayudó a recobrar su fortaleza física.

Este es un ejemplo importante para nosotros mismos, al respecto del cuidado apropiado de este cuerpo que el Señor Krsna nos ha dado. Como muchos de Uds. saben por tantos aÒos Srila Acaryadeva ha viajado alrededor del mundo abriendo muchos centros y esparciendo Conciencia de Krsna por doquier. En los `77 estaba ya muy agotado y tuvo que volver desde Brasil a Gainesville, Florida para recuperarse. Y, en los `80 se manifestó en el un problema de corazon, y tuvo que permanecer en Gainesville tambien para recuperarse.

Entonces nuevamente llegó a estar muy activo. A lo largo de unos años, pudimos notar que él podia viajar por seis meses y luego necesitaba otros seis meses para recuperar su salud fisica. Dados estos problemas serios de salud, comenzó a detener y suspender los viajes internacionales estos ultimos dos años. Desafortunadamente algunos discípulos no comprendieron estas circunstancias llegando a confundirse por que él no visitaba los lugares que antes acostumbraba. El también comenzó a limitar sus vuelos de lugar en lugar, deseando profundamente que sus discípulos lo visitasen y pudieran viajar a verle lo mas a menudo posible.

Muchos devotos hicieron arreglos para ir a la India en vez de visitarlo, y eso que visitar al maestro espiritual es una práctica muy antigua.
Realmente es muy agradable visitar a Srila Acaryadeva en su ambiente propio y a ser capaz de tener su asociación personal. Durante el tiempo en Ojai él también comenzó a meditar mas y mas sobre su el deseo de presentar la Conciencia de Krsna a las personas de america de una forma mas efectiva. El hab¡a invertido dinero en levantar uno de los edificios en el El Templo de Atlanta para Srila Prabhupada y Yogui Tony organizó este trabajo.

En este momento Srila Acaryadeva comenzó a meditar y planificar como a el le gustaría atraer a las personas a la conciencia de Krsna en las areas del pais que han sido descuidadas por los devotos desde hace años.

Les comento un poco mas... llegué a Los Angeles el 10 de enero con Syama dasi. Alli con algunos otros devotos que tambien visitaban desde Carolina del Norte. Era la primera oportunidad en que yo estaba haciendo servicio en la casa de Acaryadeva en Beverly de Colinas. La primera tarde, recuerdo, fuimos a una larga caminata de japa y Srila Acaryadeva nos mostró el area que está llena de casas hermosas y muchas flores fragantes. Fui muy feliz al verlo tan jovial y en buena salud. Sus seis meses de descanso habían sido muy beneficiosos. El había regresado para el 31 de Diciembre y muchos devotos en el area vinieron para visitarlo. Por la noche tuvimos sus lecturas de Bhagavad-Gita. Syama dasi trabaja sobre un Phd en psicologia entonces Acaryadeva se interesó y le hizo diferentes preguntas relacionadas con esa área temática. El habló sobre como debemos ser muy cuidadosos cuando tenemos una posición de liderazgo, a fin de no lastimar a los que trabajan debajo nuestro. El tambien nos comentó de los tiempos en el que el movimiento empezó, los primeros tiempos en los cuales no habían devotos mayores, sino que eran todos jovencitas y jovencitos muchachos y muchachas tan naturalmente alli, y no era tan sobrio como ahora, recordaba...

Srila Acaryadeva se levantó muy temprano en la mañana a las 2,30 a.m. a comenzar cantar sus rondas antes de Mangala Arotik. También notó estaba siempre muy atento para cantar su Gayatri en el tiempo exacto. Este es un ejemplo maravilloso. Nosotros celebrabamos un Mangala Arotik tranquilo, pero él era siempre mas entusiasta. Pude ver cuando realmente el servicio devocional de un devoto es espontáneo y viene desde el corazón, lleno de entusiasmo.

Srila Acaryadeva es siempre de un espíritu muy juvenil. Es muy simple ahora su servicio de cocina pues básicamente en la mañana toma algún jugo fresco y unas pocas frutas, cereal inflado y leche cuajada. Sus almuerzos son también muy simples y saludables. Nosotros fuimos a largas caminatas en las montañas de Santa Monica y era muy bonito el ser capaz de visitar las diferentes areas donde Srila Acaryadeva vivió como un joven muchacho.

Debo admitir que reí tanto en su asociación. Los juegos de palabras de Srila Acaryadeva son brillantes.

Muchas de nuestras charlas rondaban sobre la importancia de ser pertinentes y eficaces presentadores de la conciencia de Krsna hacia el público y las personas en general de una manera atractiva. Es muy importante el ser capaces de vernos a nosotros mismos tal cual como otros nos ven, y no ser tan ritualísticos en nuestro enfoque, tratando de dar a las personas a los otros esta maravillosa ciencia de conocimiento espiritual que Srila Prabhupada nos ha dado.

También conversamos sobre los diferentes cambios que tuvieron lugar en ISKCON y como esto afectó el papel del Guru y discípulo. Pienso que cuando nosotros somos jovenes en el servicio devocional, no nos es fácil el ver al maestro espiritual como una persona real, pero en relación con nosotros mismos. Frecuentemente hemos escuchado devotos comentando las experiencias por las cuales ellos han pasado, pero hay otra cara de la moneda, que se refiere a lo que significa se un maestro espiritual. Era extático ver a Srila Acaryadeva tan introspectivo en su propio servicio devocional.

Gracias a su asociación pude ver como el nos empuja a usar nuestra inteligencia y a comprender lo que es esencial.

El domingo 12 de Enero fuimos con un grupo de devotos desde el templo de Los Angeles a realizar un picnic en un parque local. Ascendimos a la cima de la montaña. Y por supuesto Acaryadeva estuvo en la delantera. Luego, volvimos al parque para un bonito almuerzo. Acaryadeva entonces brindó un dasrshan a los devotos nuevamente hablando sobre adoración de la deidad y la comprensión de lo que realmente es es esencial y lo que es para él particularmente esencial. Todos los devotos eran muy felices en estar en su asociación y fuimos invitados a tomar un almuerzo en su casa. Armarendra y su hijo Param, quienes hacen un bonito servicio de prédica en
la costa oeste, vinieron para visitarlo.

Era muy maravilloso ver Armarendra y Acaryadeva asociados. Ellos se conocen por mas de treinta años. Conversamos sobre los días tempranos de la Conciencia de Krsna en Gainesville.

De un modo u otro, luego de una tarde de larga caminata, esa noche fuimos a una larga caminata de japa a travez del bosque en Beverly donde SA había crecido.

Ustedes podrían haber visto como el factor tiempo actuaba sobre todos nosotros. Pasamos por donde con sus amigos y su escuela básica y fuimos al parque donde el jugaba los deportes cuando solo tenía ocho años! Era una asombrosa experiencia. El recordó cuando Prabhupada habla sobre "dónde están todos mis amigos y parientes ahora?" Y entonces él hablo de Vrindavan y cantó la canción Hari que el había escrito muchos años atrás sobre los muchachos y las niñas que juegan en Vrindavan. El nos predicó precisamente sobre como es de temporaria esta vida de etc. y dónde está nuestro hogar y amigos verdaderos. Estuve particularmente asombrada por cuan exacto fue SA en tomar el tiempo para traernos a recorrer todos esos lugares diferentes y para permitirnos gozar de su asociación. El es muy experto en cuidar a todos los devotos.

El año pasado, recuerdo que había algún interés por parte de diferentes discípulos en hablar sobre que él no estaba cantando sus rondas.... que no usaba su japa... El sufre de "sindrome de túnel carpal" una patología delicada en su brazo y dedos por exceso de tipeo y escritura. Yo pensé que extraño comentario pues durante mi visita con SA siempre estuvimos caminando y cantando rondas extras. Esa noche también hablamos nuevamente sobre como cuando él se unió al movimiento y vivió en el templo, abandonó la escuela y simplemente predicó muy pesado a su familia. El dijo que si hubiera habido devotos mayores como para aconsejarle antes.. quizas él hubiera manejado las cosas de diferente manera. Esa noche sobre hogar ....de manera tan felizmente cantó el Guru Puja en rezos.

El Lunes era Ekadasi y Srila Acaryadeva desperto muy temprano. Ese día un hermano espiritual suyo vino a visitarle para buscar consejos sobre un proyecto de trabajo. Nosotros cocinado para un gran festejo. El martes Girihari prabhu desde Brasil vino y mostró a Srila Acaradeva algunos de los libros que él acaba de imprimir en el Brasil. Entonces esa noche habló sobre cambios estratégicos en ISKCON.

Muchos devotos vinieron a visitar a Srila Acaryadeva en su vuelta a Los Angeles. Entonces él nos llevó a todos los diferentes sitios donde Srila Prabhupada caminaba cuando él estuvo en Los Angeles. Tomamos un almuerzo muy bonito en una casa de un devoto del templo, y Srila Acaryadeva visitado por sus hermanos espirituales nos mostró la zona. Era un tiempo muy feliz para todos y tan bonito gracias a Srila Acaryadva y su asociación con Srila Prabhupada en Los Angeles. El recordó como paseaba con Srila Prabhupada en sus caminatas de mañana.

De noche en la clase de Bhagavad-Gita hablamos sobre las naturalezas. Krsna habla sobre como todos actuaron según su naturaleza propia y Srila Acaryadeva agregó que debemos actuar según nuestra naturaleza propia "en conciencia de Krsna", de otra manera nosotros seremos forzados por nuestra naturaleza a actuar pero será fuera del control. Por lo tanto es importante para nosotros al reconocer nuestra propia naturaleza, el comprometernos en el servicio a Krsna, pues de otra manera nuestra naturaleza nos forzará a actuar de algun modo desfavorable. El dijo que cuando recién nos unimos a la conciencia de Krsna debemos empezar a ver cual es la naturaleza de las personas y comprometernos consiguientemente.

Durante toda esta visita en veces oportunidades, Srila Acaryadeva tocó el piano creando una atmósfera muy pacífica. También él miró en mapas como un general, planificando como esparcir la conciencia de Krsna desde las diferentes ciudades en el mediooeste.

Hablando del tema de las naturalezas. El Es definitivamente de naturaleza para planificar, como esparcir conciencia de Krsna desde una de ciudad a otra y ayudar a la gente inocente. Su idea es enviar diferentes devotos un paso adelante a encontrar gente y donde dictar conferencias y entonces él vendría. Tony quien enseña Yoga está interesado en ayudarlo y Syama dasi quien dicta las conferencias sobre el espiritualidad en su universidad esta también interesado en ayudar para organizar.

El jueves, último día de nuestra visita fuimos al Templo a las seis para ver el cuarto de Srila Prabhupada. Srila Acaryadeva nos mostró donde él había hablado con Srila Prabhupada con su madre y como ella ha sido transformada por su asociación.

Esa mañana él dio una clase brillante en el templo que se emite sobre en internet en vivo. Srila Acaryadeva muy expertamente dio las definiciones palabra por palabra y una comprensión diferente del verso. (Voy a escuchar a la cinta y escribir otra carta con algunos de los importantes puntos.) Era muy bonito para ver Srila Acaryadeva asociado con sus dos hermanos. Entonces tomamos el desayuno y estabamos listos para salir cuando Syama dasi torció su tobillo. Acaryadeva se preocupó mucho e inmediatamente deseó ayudar. Pude ver como siempre está super conciente de los devotos, especialmente en ayudar a los devotos. Me siento muy afortunada por haber tenido este tiempo con Srila Acaryadeva. Era seguramente muy útil para mí para continuar detras de mis deberes administrativos y ser inspirada por su entusiasmo y esplendor. Durante esta visita también fui meditando en lo importante que es para los devotos el concientizarse sobre su problema de salud y agotamiento físico. Parece que él ha sufrido de "El Sindrome Crónico de Agotamiento" a traves de largos años de viajes y necesidad de descanso. Por esta razón, y su servicio a largo plazo, él se restringe ahora de viajar y limitará su campo de predica a areas en las cuales él pueda viajar por carro o coche.

Ahora que él no ha viajado por seis meses podemos ver como han mejorado su salud y fortaleza física. El ha trabajado sobre esta novela maravillosa y nosotros oraremos a Krsna para que permita que la finalice lo mas pronto posible, pues será una verdadera obra de penetración cultural de prédica en la conciencia de Krsna para toda América.

Su sirviente,
Krsnapriya dd

Traducido por Madhava Prasada dd (disculpen cualquier error involuntario por favor en traduccion o tipeado)

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Tuesday 17 th., Los Angeles:

Here we are. It´s 10 am, and ten devotees guided by Mother Varesa are heading towards Ojai, a very nice place in the hills an hour from L.A. It´s where SA lives. The day was sunny, but a soft rain suddenlly appeared and magnified the landscape with a beautiful rainbow.

We arrived at 11 am, and SA was (as always) in a very extatic mood. He asked us our names and entertained us at all times. He imitated the Argentine and Mexican accents, and it was very funny to hear Him! SA also told us about His preaching in Argentina in 1974, and all the passtimes He went thru in those days.

After a while we organized the different services: cleaning, cooking, bhoga buying, etc. Everyone did some service for Him. One devotee was even able to cut His hair! The devotees couldn´t believe it; never before had they been so personally associated to SA!

He then told us how to correctlly present Krishna Consciousness as a spiritual science to the whole world. SA also talked about how the devotees should behave. He told us that only respect can overthrow sinful feelings like hate and pride.

SA said that sexual indulgence comes to be when someone thinks that the body belonging to another soul is only for personal pleasure and has nothing to do with serving God. Thinking that someone is not good enough to be respected is the basis of indulgence development.

We walked with Him twice that day. In the afternoon, He gave darshan. SA was very happy. He treated us with much love and all the devotees felt His affection. He told us that He didn´t want to travel anymore. Instead, SA was going to stay in His house waiting for His disciples to visit Him. He told us that many disciples ask for His bleesings to be able to travel to India, Spain or elsewhere, but only a few traveled to visit Him. SA said that according to Vedic culture, a disciple must visit his Guru.

Suddenlly, Radhanath Swami arrived and thanks to Krsna´s mercy, we could see both of them talking about the sastras and our society. When we left that evening, the last thing I remember was seeing them together laughing as children and giving us thier eternal blessings. SA was very happy to be near His spiritual family!

With much love and respect, Premarnava das premakf@yahoo.es

translated by Bhakta Alfredo (HDG - Nama Hatta Argentina)

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