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Here you can post histories and photos of your beloved ISKCON Deities, not limited to Temple Deities, you can post your home, Preaching Center, traveling etc Deitiies, with the only one limit to be on ISKCON.

Size limit is 600x600px (pixels) and 100kb for layout protection. If you want to made available hi-res photos, please post it as .zip attached file where the limitt is 2Mb.

Formerly this list was hosted in ISKCON Virtual Temple original web page and has been called at these time Mahadarshan also.

We ask you to place your messages on the correspondant thread or begin a new thread (one for each Deity or place) clicking in the link into the last row.

We have the right to reubicate the messages not published in the correct thread or forum.

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ISKCON Chennai TempleDevoto03-27-03  04:55 pm
Sri Sri Lord Nrsimhadeva - Jandelsbrunn, GermanyOld histories archiv01-20-03  04:09 am
Sri Sri Radha-Madhana-Mohana & Others - SingaporeOld histories archiv01-20-03  04:02 am
Sri Sri Gaura Nitai - Sarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegowinaOld histories archiv01-20-03  03:58 am
Sri Sri Nitai Sacinandana - Rome, ItalyOld histories archiv01-20-03  03:52 am
Sri Sri Panca Tattva - Hawaii, USOld histories archiv01-20-03  03:37 am
Sri Sri Radha Krishna - HH Sacinandanda SvamiOld histories archiv01-20-03  03:35 am
Sri Sri Radha-Rasabihari - Juhu, IndiaOld histories archiv01-20-03  03:32 am
ISKCON Virtual Temple Presiding DeitiesNarendra dasa01-03-03  12:06 am
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