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Deadline for submitting offerings:
AUGUST 20, 2003

Absolutely no offerings will be accepted after this date.
All offerings posted here will become public on SP Vyasa-puja day, before this date nobody can see it.

Who can write an offering here?

All ISKCON devotees initiated or not, but if you're in the following list, we encourage to send your offering diretly to Dravida.ACBSP@pamho.net in order to be included in the official Vyasa-puja book, we will try to forward any offering from the following listed devotees/programs to the BBT editors, but we can't warantee their reception.The objetive of this Vyasa-puja forum is to allow all devotees not listed in the above list to glorify Srila Prabhupada in his appearance day, posting here not warantee the publication of your offering in the official Vyasa-puja book. If you're in the above list and want to post your offering here, this will be welcomed.

How can I make my offering?
Step by step procedure

  1. Select from the bottom list your language.
  2. In you selected language page click the start new thread link from the bottom blue line, go to the end, thus copy and paste or write your offering here.
  3. If your language is not listed, please use the start new thread link from the bottom blue line, and specify in which language is your offering writed.
  4. Write your username and password and click in the preview button (is necessary to be previously inscrited in the Virtual Istagosthi to can post your Vyasa-puja offering, if you're not, please go to the register button before proceed.
  5. Once the preview is showed, and if all is ok, click in the send message button.

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