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Dear Gurus, Prabhus and Matajis:
Please accept our humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Due a high demand of questions about Puri Maharaja is autorized or not to give darshan and classes in ISKCON Temples and give initiation (and re-initiation) to ISKCON's congregational members, we decide to send the folowing official texts from the GBC:

ISKCON Law (extract)

8. 2. 1. 4. The GBC reminds all ISKCON devotees of Srila Prabhupada's instruction that in general we should avoid the association of his Godbrothers and other spiritual groups unless one has permission from a GBC member for some specific purpose. Intimate siksa association is prohibited from non-ISKCON spiritual masters.

8. 2. 1. 5. Devotees who live and work within ISKCON must be initiated in ISKCON, except one previously initiated by a recognized sampradaya who later wants to join and serve in ISKCON under the approval and direction of the local GBC.

8. 2. 1. 7. In obedience to the instruction of Srila Prabhupada, the GBC directs that the members of ISKCON should respect all senior Gaudiya Vaisnavas outside ISKCON, but should not intimately associate with them, personally or through printed or recorded media, for guidance, teaching, instruction, or initiation as their presentation of Krishna consciousness often differs from that of Srila Prabhupada in emphasis, balance, and other aspects of both teaching and practice.

7. 2. 4. Devotees who live or serve in ISKCON may take initiation only from ISKCON approved gurus.

7. 2. 4. 1. ISKCON members who in violation of ISKCON law take initiation from gurus who have not been approved to initiate in ISKCON shall not be permitted to serve within ISKCON. If the non-approved guru has an institution or ashram outside ISKCON, then according to standard etiquette, his disciples should serve within the institution of their guru and should not serve within ISKCON.

GBC's Resolutions 1999 (extract)

609. [ACTION ORDER] ANANTA DASA Whereas there have been various transgressions of ISKCON law by the president of ISKCON Rome, It is hereby resolved THAT:

A. Ananta Das is put under probation for an indefinite period of time with the following terms:

1. He shall write a letter of apology to the GBC Body and ISKCON devotees for

a) Having held istagosthis for the purpose of creating a consensus to abrogate ISKCON laws on initiation outside of ISKCON.

b) Introducing a principle of "attraction" on an absolute platform for a guru, that supersedes the necessity for the devotees to follow GBC laws and orders.

c) Having mistreated and intimidated devotees during both istagosthis and conversations.

d) Having failed to follow the orders of the GBC executive committee.

e) Having offended and obscured the position of the GBC Body and ISKCON gurus both by organizing the distribution papers critical of ISKCON authorities to all devotees and guests in the Rome area and by allowing and nurturing an atmosphere of mistrust within the temple.

This letter has to be reviewed and approved by the GBCs of Italy.

2. He shall remove from the legal structure of the local society and the temple council all Puri Maharaja's initiated disciples and put in their place persons who are accepted by the Italian National Council and the local GBC.

3. He will sign a written document stating that he has no personal claims whatsoever for the service rendered and that he will accept the decision of the GBC Body on his conduct and the measures that they may take to correct him. He must also promise not to participate in any way in activities against ISKCON of any nature, including legal.

4. He will accept one co-president who will be chosen by the GBCs and Italian National Council.

5. He will cooperate in any way that is deemed necessary by the local GBCs and ISKCON Confederation in legal documents.

6. He will follow ISKCON Law 7.2.4. (passed in 1993) and in addition will not allow any new persons to come and stay in the temple if such person has any kind of interest or loyalty to the Gaudiya Math institution.

7. He will make sure that no functions or reception will be offered to the Gaudiya Math personalities and that no temple devotees other than those already initiated by Sripad Puri Maharaja will visit or participate in any way in functions held elsewhere.

8. He will make public or cause to made public the names of all initiated disciples of Puri Maharaja in the Rome.

A monitoring group will be formed by the Italian National Council and the GBC that will inform the GBC Executive Committee of the developments in the Rome area. If Ananta Das willfully transgresses any of the above points he will be removed from his position by the Executive Committee, asked to leave ISKCON and join his Spiritual Master's institution.

Points 1-6 are to be executed before the 14th of March.

The following Rome devotees will be exempted from having to follow ISKCON Law (which calls for explusion of those who violate 7.2.4) for an amount of time equal to that of Ananta Das's probation period. At the end of this period they will be restored in their position as ISKCON devotees:

...Name of 5 devotess...

The GBC Body guarantees that if all the above guidelines are followed by Ananta Das and the others involved there will not be any further action by the GBC Body to remove them from position and service, and that they will be restored in their condition in all respect, and the local ISKCON society will receive a written document allowing it to use the Rome property as long as the other local societies in Italy will use their respective properties.

B. The GBC Body shall send a letter to Sripad Puri Maharaja explaining its actions.

For more information:

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