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Dear Maharajas, Prabhus and Matajis,

As most probably you known on Jul/2007 Sri Sri Nitai Goursundar from New Goloka Vrindavan Farm CR (Costa Rica) was kidnapped www.istagosthi.com/es/messages/333/256067.html , later we discover this kidnap was oranized by HH Bhaktibusan Svami and HH Guru Prasad Svami.

Because we published on Virtual Istagosthi (spanish forum) that Deities aren't been worshipped publicly since Their kidnap because probably They had been broken, Caitanyadeva dasa published on Sept/8/2007 photos of Sri Sri Nitai Gourasundar saying they are of Janmastami/07:

www.istagosthi.com/archivos/cr/40._Los_perros_y_los_gatos_no_necesitan_a_Fr eud_-_Clase_de_Srila_Prabhupada.eml
this message originally be linked to:

Unfortunately few days ago and after checking with Devotees remaining on the farm about, we confirm these pictures really are of Janmastami/06 and has been took on same New Goloka Farm, as you can see on Janmastami/06 picture linked here:

As you can see on Farm Deities picture have exactly same background on Caitanyadeva's pictures. As a Krishna's arrangement 2007 festivities on New Goloka Vrindavan dress same clothes Deities dress on Caitanyadeva's pictures, and of course same background are used, this background was painted by Nirvasa Prabhu and stay on New Goloka Vrindavan Farm, so is impossible same background be on two different places at same time.

Now and six months after Their kidnapping, Caitanyadeva dasa sent new mailling saying now Sri Sri Nitai Gourasundar has been installed by HH Guru Prasad Svami on San Jose CR Preaching Center, instead Their original home, New Goloka Vrindavan Farm http://nitaygaurasundara.spaces.live.com/photos/cns!6070D443FBB3AB0E!656/. One can simply said "Well, not too bad, They aren't on Their house, but now They are finally worshipped", but we had some doubts: Why the kidnappers delay 6 months to show They publicly if there is no reason to do that?, why he made the first attempt to cheat devotees worldwide?, the only one possible and terrible option is that Deities installed on San José CR Preaching Center aren't the same and original Sri Sri Nitai Gourasundar, but how to confirm if They are or not the Original Ones if the devotees on New Goloka Vrindavan Farm has no chance to go into Preaching Center to confirm that?

The solution is to make a "forensic photographic study", these type of studies has been made to confirm or not by police and other researchers some myths like if is true if the old woman claiming she is Anastasia, the successor to Russian Czar, and others myths and criminal cases. Forensic photographic study consist on visual and methodic comparation of photos took on both historic moments, these photos need to be take in same angle to get a fact on it, usually this comparation is on face parts that don't change like the eyes and others bones, in the case of Deities we can use also the nose, his lips, his face perimeter and any other visible point, the pictures we get are the following:

Sri Sri Nitai Gourasundar few years ago

Two of Caitanyadeva's pictures of Installation on San Jose CR, Preaching Center:

Sri Nitai

Sri Gourasundar

As you can see pictures acomplish the requisite to be take in same angle.

On first impression They looks equal and we can say: "case closed".

The first step on a forensic photographic study is to place both pictures one over the other to fit (if possible), the central point we use to fit was both faces, the result are the following:

Sri Nitai

Sri Gourasundar

On a first view we can get something "jump" to our eyes: Although is true that both Lord Gourasundar faces are practically the same, not for both Lord Nitai faces, on blue background picture (the Original One) His face looks like a inverted triangle shape, and on pink background picture (from San Jose Preaching Center) looks more rounded than the other.

But a more detailed revision of Lord Gourasundar shows a more weighty fact: Is true that Their both faces are almost perfectly the same, but not Their hands, in New Goloka Vrindavan picture (blue background) its looks bigger than San Jose ones (pink background), how much? one phalange, this means one inch bigger taking in count the size of the Deities.

This means one of two options, Sri Gourasundar's lotus hands reduced His hands in six months of kidnap or They are not the same Deities

Once we conclude They aren't the same Deities, appear more sutil differences that if presented alone may be refuted:

Lord Nitai's forensic photographic study

Differences on Lord Nitai Deity:
  • His face shape is like an inverted triangle and San Jose Preaching Center's Deities is like an oval.
  • His hands position (angle to front) is quite differrent than San Jose Preaching Center's Deities.
  • His eyes are thinner than San Jose Preaching Center's Deities.
  • His neck is thinner than San Jose Preaching Center's Deities.
  • His eyebrows are near His eyes than San Jose Preaching Center's Deities.
  • His left hand (at right on photo) has His thumb support 1/2" upper than San Jose Preaching Center's Deities.

Lord Gauranga's forensic photographic study

Differences on both Lord Gauranga Deity:
  • His hands are larger than San Jose Preaching Center's Deities
  • His cheeks are less bulky than San Jose Preaching Center's Deities.
  • His nose is little bit sharper than San Jose Preaching Center's Deities.
  • His nose's upper part is little bit wider than San Jose Preaching Center's Deities.
  • His upper lift is taller than San Jose Preaching Center's Deities.
  • Marble color is very white and San Jose Preaching Center's Deities are little bit less white.
But this attempt to cheat the devotees aren't the only one...

First attempt to cheat the devotees (Sept/8/2007), as we wrote about it on the begin of this letter. We undertood this sending has been made with the purpose to demostrate that They has not been destroyed like Sri Sri Radha Prana Bhallabha (Guadalajara MX temple's presiding Deities) was destroyed in 1994.

Sri Prana-Ballabha

Sri Radha

This first attempt to cheat the devotees by Caitanyadeva dasa is one additional proof that Sri Sri Nitai Gourasundar status is the most probably that They has been destroyed by their kidnappers, by the negligences and offences during Their kidnap, the point now is to known if their original intention was only kidnap Their Lordships or if they had the intention of destroy Them from the beginning of the planning.

Now HH Guru Prasad Svami, HH Bhaktibusan Svami, Virabahu dasa and Manonatha are using ostrich method, all of they are unable to be located by Sri Sri Nitai Gourasundar Farm devotees till new announce, exactly this method HH Guru Prasad Svami used in 1994 when Sri Sri Radha-Prana-Ballabha (Presiding Deities of Guadalajara MX temple), HH Guru Prasad Svami only went to Guadalajara MX temple six months after Their Lordships were destroyed, this means, when local devotees have the real necesity of spiritual council and support, HH Guru Prasad Svami was not available, maybe HH Guru Prasad Svami had more important things to do at that time.

Tentative chronology:
  • 7/2/2007 - During Sri Sri Nitai Gourasundar kidnap, They decide to left due the offences received by been kidnap.
  • The sacrilegious kidnappers said They are kept, but don't show any proof or photo.
  • Kidnappers receive international pressure to show the kidnapped Deities.
  • Bhakty Abhay declares: "We think They not only can quit the farm, inclusive They can left Their marble body where They were worshipped".
  • Sept/2007 - Caitanyadeva dasa did a email sending showing Janmastami 2006 pictures.
  • Sept/2007 - Caitanyadeva's cheat is discovered.
  • Someone entrust to do Sri Sri Nitai Gourasundar copies.
  • Jan/2008 second attempt to cheat by Caitanyadeva and HH Guru Prasad Svami.
  • Jan/2008 - Caitanyadeva/HH Guru Prasad Svami`s cheat is discovered.
  • Feb-March/2008 - GBC meetings in Mayapur, ¿will be solve Sri Sri Nitai Gourasundar - New Goloka Vrindavan Farm CR issue? It depends of how much GBC body want to increase or diminish their credibility from the devotees around the world.
Who kidnap Sri Sri Nitai Gourasundar?

Jul/29/2007 HH Bhaktibusan Svami went to district attorney's office to declare about the kidnap of Sri Sri Nitai Gourasundar www.istagosthi.com/archivos/cr/HH Bhaktibusan Svami02072007-1.gif and www.istagosthi.com/archivos/cr/HH Bhaktibusan Svami02072007-2.gif - www.istagosthi.com/es/messages/48/256205.html and declares he is the legal owner of New Goloka Vrindavan Farm and legal owner of all things into the same, this means he (HH Bhaktibusan Svami) can do whathever he wants with his property.

This means HH Bhaktibusan Svami took all spiritual and material responsibility of the kidnap of Sri Sri Nitai Gourasundar, because by his declaration into district attorney's office we can conclude he have full knowledge about (and most probaly he planned) the kidnap of Sri Sri Nitai Gourasundar.

The most worried point is that Sri Sri Nitai Gourasundar don't appear at any place, and due these two attemps to cheat the devotees, every day we're most convinced that They has been destroyed by their kidnapers, with or without intention, if this is true, all spiritual responsibility and reactions will be fall to HH Bhaktibusan Svami, HH Guru Prasad Svami, Virabahu dasa and Manonatha dasa because all of them were the intellectual authors of Their destruction, the most probably is that Their Lordships didn't agree with the situation when anyone try to be the controller over Them and decide to go away.

Why HH Guru Prasad Svami/HH Bhaktibusan Svami/Virabahu dasa/Manonatha dasa are doing that?

They want to sell a more than 4 million dollar farm at any cost. Yes this is incredible, last farm valuation was 4 million dollars, and today this farm can cost 6-8 or more million dollars.

Which pretexts they give to sell the farm?
  1. The farm is invaded by Narayan M followers.
    First of all: From near 20 devotees today continue living on New Goloka Vrindavan Farm, 10 are kids and only 2 are Narayan M disciples, is truth that this is not good. But why they has been initiatied by Narayan M? The answer is incredible: by HH Guru Prasad Svami support and influence; on 2003 HH Guru Prasad Svami took Rohininandana dasa (ex-HDG) and his wife to Nueva Goloka Vrindavan farm to live there, Rohininandana dasa now is Narayan M disciple and begun to preach in favour to Narayan M and against ISKCON-gurus. HH Guru Prasad Svami known Rohininandana dasa has been reinitiated with Narayan M and we can assume HH Guru Prasad Svami known that Rohininandana dasa as any reinitiated will preach on this way. So these two devotees reinitiated with Narayan M really has been misinformed and they can return to good standard when New Goloka Vrindavan Farm CR return to a stable situation and more ISKCON-gurus and major devotees begin to visit them.
    Historically HH Guru Prasad Svami has the habit to be close to Narayan M and Puri M as you can see on www.istagosthi.com/es/messages/333/235728.html this is a reports of Narayan M and Puri M visit to Mexico temple where inclusive HH Guru Prasad Svami bath the foot of Puri M as you can see on this picture
    and in this photo
    is Narayan M reception given by HH Guru Prasad Svami in Mexico City temple (2º on line is Narayan M and 5º on line is HH Guru Prasad Svami).
    Since 2003 till today HH Guru Prasad Svami have Rama Govinda dasa (ex-ACBSP and now known as Parvata M) as TP for Guadalajaara MX temple www.istagosthi.com/es/messages/333/254691.html
    HH Guru Prasad Svami lawyers in Costa Rica (both) are disciples of Narayan M, Chinchilla/Sacinandan das (NM) and his wife.
    If HH Guru Prasad Svami historically give full support to Narayan M and Puri M followers is a dual position by HH Guru Prasad Svami and his followers, that in New Goloka Vrindavan Farm CR HH Guru Prasad Svami proclaim he wants to sell the farm because this is invaded by Narayan M followers. It sounds more as child history to do as he wish: HH Guru Prasad Svami is using Narayan M disciples to save New Goloka Vrindavan Farm from be invaded by Narayan M followers? too extrange, not?.

  2. The farm is not tenable.
    Total fake, farm is tenable, as reference please read Yadu's letter why don't sell New Goloka Vrindavan Farm www.istagosthi.com/archivos/cr/Letter_from_Yadu_to_H.H._Bhanu_Swami_May-14- 07.doc and this another one from Uppendra dasa www.istagosthi.com/archivos/cr/A_Complaint_and_a_Request_13th_Installment.d oc

  3. We want to buy a temple on San Jose (the capital).
    Today exists a preachig center in San Jose CR. Srila Prabhupada wants each program to be economically independent, so this is not a good arrangement to close a program to increase another program in another place.

  4. We want to buy a better farm (last one pretext they give to the devotees).
    Point 2 discuss this point, also if (HH Guru Prasad Svami said) that he and the devotees don't have laksmi, from where will come the extra laksmi needed to buy a better farm?, this sounds more a new child history to distract from the real point of the problem.
Dear Maharajas, Prabhus and Matajis, take in count this is not the first time HH Guru Prasad Svami are near to close a program in his zone, please remember Monterrey MX, Veracruz MX, and others. Also this is not the first time Deities left in HH Guru Prasad Svami zone, please remember when Sri Sri Radha-Prana-Ballabha left in Guadalajara MX temple in 1994 .

Investigating more on New Goloka Vrindavan Farm history we discover previously cows lived there, these cows were took with cheats by a recently initiated (at that time) by BACS and all the cows disappear. A lawsuit was made and the kidnaper of the cows sent to jail, but the cows never appear. Oddly both HH Guru Prasad Svami and HH Bhaktibusan Svami were in a hurry to complete the trial to this person, but never showed interest in recovering the cows, they only want to fix any legal issue to have the option to sell the farm.

Also is important to remember this is not the first time cows disappear into HH Guru Prasad Svami zone, we think all remember the tragic history of veracruz cows www.istagosthi.com/es/messages/333/235715.html , all of these cows finally died or disappear.


Without protection of cows, brahminical culture cannot be maintained; and without brahminical culture, the aim of life cannot be fulfilled.

[Srimad Bhagavatam, 8.24.5]

The real solution for New Goloka Vrindavan Farm CR is to put it in name of ISKCON, give association to devotees living in the farm with the visit of ISKCON gurus and major devotees, also some farm-experienced devotees (maybe from Kaz) can go to live there to teach their experience to local devotees, and of course is highly recommended to change local GBC and local Zonal Secretary to avoid this situation will repeat in any future.

your servants.
Hari Nama dasa
Narendra dasa

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