Kidnap of Costa Rica farm Deities

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Posted by: Finca Costa Rica

Kidnap of Costa Rica farm Deities

Costarican diary "Diario Extra" publicized the following notice (7/5/2007) about the kidnap of installed Deities at ISKCON farm Goloka Vrindavan at 7/2/2007 http://www.diarioextra.com/2007/julio/05/sucesos08.php Has been kidnaped Marble Goura Nitai, Tulasi and Full size Srila Prabhpada murti.


• Members of the group has been arrested as suspects:


Photo: Alberto Monge, correspondent

The sacred space for Krishna now is empty.

Sacred images of great spiritual value for the members of Hare Krishna were removed from their temple located on Paradise of Carthage [Costa Rica, Central America]. It is the form of Krishna, the topmost adorable form, as well as two sacred pieces and ornaments that used in the ceremonies.

As suspected of theft are four members of the same congregation, even yesterday were arrested two members of the group and investigated two others, then that the president of the religious asociation, Patricia Araya [Parijata dd -BACS-], submit a formal complaint.

The denounced are a Colombian surname Rojas, surname Carrera and two women Nicaraguans, mother and daughter, surname Tijerinos and Ríos [Pritti Pavana Das, Arjuna Ballava Das, Ananda Krishna Dasi and Nitya Dasi, all Guru Prasad Svami disciples]. They four were in charge of the ceremony on Monday on this centre, day in wich occurred precisely the theft.

Questioned on theft, one of the members of this religious group, Devarat Das, indicated that "beyond the economic value of what stealed what painful is they want weaken the congregation".

According to several members, the interest by selling the millionary property is what is causing this situation, since the ground where currently is located the congregation, near the Mar Paraiso, is an area of 22 hectarieas valued in five million dollars (2,600 millions colones) and while congregation members stay there they cannont sell it. The group members indicated that apparently nominal owners, who are outside the country, have allies in the country to make dissappear the congregation and become able to sell the farm.

The nominal owners are one italian, one german, one colombian and one costa rican, with surnames Savelloni [Manonath dasa -ACBSP-], Kes [HH Bhakti Busana Svami -ACBSP-], Bohorquez [Dvanjaya -HDG-] and Gonzalez [Laksmimoni dd -BACS-] respectively. The theft of sacred images [installed Deities], valued aproximately in 13 million colones would be part of this process of weakening.

[Diario Extra 7/5/2007 - http://www.diarioextra.com/2007/julio/05/sucesos08.php]
Dear Devotees

In 1987 Radha Govinda dd -BACS- (Mrs. Vera Gonzalez) kindly donated Goloka Vrindavan Farm to ISKCON Costa Rica, who have presence in such country since 1971.

Since 1999 HH Guru Prasad Svami (local GBC) has been expressed his desire to sell Goloka Vrindavan Farm, and begun to psicologically press local devotees to accept his desire to sell the farm.

The request to not sell Goloka Vrindavan Farm has been submited to ISKCON Resolve, but nothing has been solved yet, only same of the same.

Now Goloka Vrindavan Deities has been kidnapped, They are on a unknown place, with unknown worship, and with unknown final destinity. The obvious next step is to put out the farm all devotees living there, and probably this can happen at any moment.

We humbly request for your inmediate action to help to get back to Their Lordships and protect Goloka Vrindavan Farm and costa rican devotees. Please contact us at fincacostarica@yahoo.com or harekrishnacostarica@yahoo.com

For more information on Goloka Vrindavan Farm issue please go to www.golokavrindavan.com/documentos.htm (all documents are letters in english compressed in zip format).

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