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At last we have an English original US Embassy Statement. We spoke with press-officer Marianna Kurnossova. She told us that the Statement is not being spread widely and not published on the internet. The U.S. Embassy Press Service is sending it by demand (as they did for Grishin). The statement is authorized and can be proven by the Embassy Press Service.

US Embassy Statement Concerning Demolition of Homes in Hare Krishna Commune

The U.S. Embassy is concerned that Karasai district authorities are continuing their aggressive campaign against the Hare Krishna commune outside of Almaty. On November 21, Karasai district authorities demolished several homes at the commune. Homeowners were left in the cold, and many of their possessions were destroyed. The remaining residents were left without electricity and heat.

The embassy has several concerns regarding the legal basis for the actions against the Hare Krishna community. Regardless of the merits of the underlying case, the forceful eviction of homeowners in freezing temperatures and the destruction of their possessions contradicted principles of due process and fairness. It is particularly disturbing that the authorities took such action before the special commission charged with finding an equitable solution to the situation had issued its recommendations.

It is unfortunate that more than a week later, the authorities have done nothing to remedy the situation. The situation in fact appears to be deteriorating; authorities this week scheduled new court hearings on additional properties in the commune.

The embassy urges the Karasai district authorities to refrain from any further aggressive actions against the Hare Krishnas, and to work toward a fair, lawful, and peaceful resolution of the ongoing legal dispute.

U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan
tel. (3172) 702100
Marianna Kurnossova, press-officer
tel. (3172) 702216

Nov 21 video about demolition of Hare Krishna devotees in Kazajstan http://www.palaceofthesoul.com/media/ALMATY/Bulldozers.mov
Webpage of Hare Krishna Kaz community www.palaceofthesoul.com


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